The modern day American James Bond? What do you think?

Did you guys here about Russia busting the CIA “spy”?

Full story here: Russia Busts CIA ‘Spy’ and His Gmail.

When I first read about this a day or so ago, I thought there was no way this guy was a spy. Between the crappy wigs and map and other odd details, it just seemed too amateurish to me. At the time, I was too buried with deadline-related newspaper stuff to post a blog about it, but as I went to prepare this post tonight and re-read it the article, I’ve now changed my opinion.

I do think he was CIA. What do you guys think?

And my second dumb question is what do you do (assuming he is) after you get busted like this? His real photos are everywhere thanks to state-controlled Russian media (see here:

I mean, does he get relegated to a desk job as an analyst (at best)? Or, do they kick his ass out for getting busted. Stupid question, I guess, but I am kind of curious.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.