An excellent, short summary of how Syria fell into civil war

Hey guys,

I apologize for the lack of posts of late. Was buried on a book deadline and that took a couple of weeks to recover from. Then, with all the presidential primary ugliness, I found myself just sick and tired of all the politics regarding foreign policy and nearly everything else.

Have I mentioned lately how much I despise how politics so badly divide us? Or maybe it’s political parties? Or maybe it’s the media? Or maybe it’s politicians with egos that are far too big? Or maybe it’s that we all shoot off our mouths too quickly (and too sharply)?

Regardless, I get sick of it all, and when I do I go hermit mode and try to stay away from it all. And that unfortunately means I blog less.

Having said all that, I thought I’d try to get back up on the horse. With the Paris attacks just days ago, it seemed a good time to remind people how we got where we are.

I thought this was an excellent, short summary of how Syria fell into chaos and civil war.

Oh, and I noticed there were several of you who were not on my regular mailing list for my primary author site (, so for those who don’t know, I published the third book in the Nick Woods series. It’s called Afghan Storm and you can find more info about it at the link.

Thanks, everyone! Keep your heads on a swivel and stay alert out there.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

About meStan R. Mitchell writes some of the most action-packed, fast-moving gunfighter novels around. Tired of slow-paced, investigative novels that take 300 pages to excite you? Look no further! Stan is the best-selling author of 5 novels in 3 different time periods. He’s also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a former journalist who spent ten years in the newspaper business, learning how to hook the reader, cut out the filler, and just tell the story. In short, Stan is knowledgeable, he’s fast, and his books will blow you away. Don’t forget to subscribe for email alerts to this blog.


4 thoughts on “An excellent, short summary of how Syria fell into civil war

  1. It’s a great big shit-sandwich and we all have to take a bite…


  2. Stan,

    That video’s spot on, though they should’ve also covered pre-Arab Spring Syria in which Bashar Al-Assad not only enjoyed popular support, but that of the West, especially Western Europe.

    Assad’s initial knee-jerk reaction to his Dad’s de fault Hama Rule was a big mistake, but Obama’s automatic siding against Assad was equally or much bigger mistake in calculus,

    now we’re back to celebrating Assad as the anti-ISIS and the wider Salafi spread.

    Again under Assad, Syria was minority-rule— which means the majority only slightly suffers, as oppose to majority-rule which means the minority disappears completely.

    We’re suppose to back the under-dog, that’s the underlying principle that was lost in our response to the Arab Spring. the Salafi tide represents the opposite of the under-dog.


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