Why ISIS is winning, and how its foes can reverse that success

This is the best article I’ve seen yet — probably in two months — about ISIS. (Ignore the video, though it’s pretty good, too. Just read/scan the article.)

Why ISIS is winning, and how its foes can reverse that success(H/T Blake K. Baxter)

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Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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3 thoughts on “Why ISIS is winning, and how its foes can reverse that success

  1. “It is unsurprising that the ISF in Ramadi finally cracked when struck with a hammer blow — namely, twenty-eight suicide car bombs in three days, including at least six massive fifteen-ton armored truck bombs in a single attack.” Not sure if any force could stand up to that, especially without supporting arms. And the tactics that IS is using go back to the beginning of warfare. Letting your opponents know that no mercy will be shown has been a powerful weapon for a long time. Bottom line, you cannot deal with these people, you have to kill them.

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  2. Morning Stan, I personally would like to have you summarize the articles or include some snippets with your take on the information and then if I want I can go to the full article.


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