Dempsey Says Iraqis Weren’t Driven Out of Ramadi, They Drove

Last week, I wrote about Iraqi units abandoning Ramadi.

Turns out, it was even worse than we thought…

Dempsey Says Iraqis Weren’t Driven Out of Ramadi, They Drove.

Okay, then…

Honestly, the BS is getting so thick over there that it’s hard to know what’s the truth or what’s not. First, a sandstorm was blamed for the terrifying loss… (Did I mention the Iraqis had a 10-to-1 advantage over ISIS?)

But the sandstorm had no effect on airstrikes, they’re now saying.

And I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news, but there are now Iranian troops, artillery, and heavy weapons taking part in operations in Iraq.

I’m increasingly convinced that Iraq is a failed state, and to restore it would take an enormous amount of American resources, including boots on the ground. What it seems we have now is a nation divided, and Iran has either expanded its borders or gained a new ally/nation-state.

What say you guys? And what would you do if you were President?

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

About me: I’m a full-time, action-fiction author with books similar to Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Tom Clancy. I’m also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a guy who spent 10+ years writing every day in the newspaper business. Please consider subscribing for email alerts — I mostly post about things American foreign policy, national security, and all things Marine Corps.

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