Elite Iraqi units abandon Ramadi in biggest Islamic State win since Mosul

This story is pretty much nothing short of embarrassing: Elite Iraqi units abandon Ramadi in biggest Islamic State win since Mosul.

Try to take a moment to read it if you get a chance. The flight of even “elite” Iraqi units is pretty shocking. (Oh, and they left some plenty of nice equipment for ISIS, including vehicles, machine guns, and artillery pieces.)

I think America’s patience with Iraq as a whole is wearing thin. I know mine certainly is.

Also, in case you missed it, our beloved Marine Corps lost six of its finest in rescue operations in Nepal. Keep these warriors in your thoughts, as well as their families.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

About me: I’m a full-time, action-fiction author with books similar to Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Tom Clancy. I’m also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a guy who spent 10+ years writing every day in the newspaper business. Please consider subscribing for email alerts — I mostly post about things American foreign policy, national security, and all things Marine Corps.

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3 thoughts on “Elite Iraqi units abandon Ramadi in biggest Islamic State win since Mosul

  1. Why is it that so many of the folks that we trained, drop their weapons that they got from us, and haul ass when it gets thick? To me, that’s the problem. With the South Vietnamese and now the Iraqis, they have no desire to fight to the death to defend their homes and families. And all of the training and weapons in the world won’t change that. SF.


    • So, true… There’s even one video of an abandoned M1A1 tank that ISIS captured. (Don’t think it was from this attack though.) But how could you ever surrender an M1A1? It’s one of the safest — and deadliest — fighting vehicles in the world.


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