Afghan forces able to hold their own?

Afghanistan update…

Maybe things aren’t as dire as I’ve been thinking, perhaps? (Well, as long as America funds the Afghan Army, pays their salaries, and helps them resupply.)

But, still, this article points out one thing I hadn’t been weighing very much in my calculations: The desire of the Afghan people for some normalcy.  And the better tips and leads that come in to local forces, versus American forces.

Here’s the article: The security forces in Afghanistan are just strong enough to contain the Taliban. (From The Economist)

I still believe that after we leave the central government will collapse, holding onto Kabul mostly. Elsewhere, civil war will ensue, tribal leaders will grab turf, and the Taliban will go gunning for Karzai and whoever is left in the central government.

That’s my belief. What’s yours?

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


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