By Mike P

So it seems that a police officer that was testifying at the Zimmerman trial decided that she needed a little “bling” for her uniform. And the Sanford, Florida P.D. figured they would just stop by the Army-Navy surplus store and pick up some for themselves. Nice. While blogs like this,, spend a lot of time and effort exposing stolen valor types, the idea that a Police Department would start slinging ribbons, with total disregard to their original purpose, to it’s officers is ludicrous. “Hey Officer Smith, good job on that school crossing duty. Here’s a WWII Army of Occupation medal”. Not a good idea.

My name is Mike P, and like Stan, I too was a 1st battalion, 8th Marine Regiment Leatherneck, only in an earlier era. He’s given me the keys for this blog, so I’ll be taking it for a spin from time to time.

Maybe it won’t get too ugly.


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