Marine Corps not leaving any equipment in Afghanistan, unlike the Army

And this is just one of the reasons our country should never get rid of the Marine Corps…

Top General: Marines ‘Not Leaving a Single Thing’ in Afghanistan

Meanwhile, the Army is leaving $6 billion worth of equipment there.

And believe me, I’m not some loud, asshole Marine screaming we’re better than everyone else. I only post this because of recent articles like this: Why Afghanistan Might Be the Marines’ Last Fight.

As a reminder, the Corps operates on just 6 percent of the defense budget, but handles usually in the 15 to 20 percent range of actual defense missions. As a further reminder, competition among the services (and certainly within each service on a unit-by-unit basis) is what makes our armed forces so razor sharp.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


4 thoughts on “Marine Corps not leaving any equipment in Afghanistan, unlike the Army

  1. While the Marines only take up 6% of the budget, they take advantage of Navy personnel for multiple force sustainment services stateside, they train on Army facilities, and use Army logistics and health/mental health services while in theater. Without the Navy and Army, the Marines would have to spend a lot developing the capabilities themselves that they currently enjoy from overlap. 6% doesn’t reflect their true cost.

    6 billion left in Afghanistan isn’t really waste if the ANA picks it up. That’s a drop in the bucket for the amount foreign aid we’re going to be giving them. While its nice to say that we brought everything, its not worth anything in reality. The Army is cutting back, so there’s no reason to bring back equipment that’s going be scraped at home (storing useless equipment cost money too) or equipment that isn’t worth the transportation cost. It’s not wasteful, its logical. Which is why…the Marines are leaving equipment in Afghanistan too haha.

    “The top Marine general said Wednesday that every single piece of corps equipment will leave Afghanistan with the troops, or will purposefully be given to another country” – the article you linked to

    or will purposefully be given to another country – The Marines are doing the same as the Army, the Army is just more transparent about it.


  2. I dunno I’d rather see the Corps bring it all home or sell it off in government auctions to recoup some of the taxpayers money. I was always disgusted at finding shit-tons of supplies and equipment our units were just leaving behind for the Iraqis to “help”, and then end up finding kevlar vests and uniforms and American weapons in caches. Reports of the “lone HMMWV” driving around sector, and all of the suicide attacks where insurgents were walking directly up to U.S. outposts because they were dressed head to toe like soldiers only resulted in additional costs – American lives.


    • Brilliant point about the equipment being used in attacks on coalition troops! Hadn’t even considered that angle.

      Thanks so much for that comment, and I’m not much of a poetry guy, but you’ve got some amazing poetry on your site.

      We’ll talk more soon.

      Sincerely yours,


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