Karzai stops his whining…

Looks like Karzai has stopped his whining about the Taliban’s office in Qatar.

STORY: Obama, Karzai ‘reaffirm’ Afghan-led peace process with Taliban: White House

I’ve literally been laughing my ass off the past two days that this guy has the nerve to throw a tantrum and get all pissed, yet again. He’s such a drama queen.

Oh, and Karzai, when you lose, which your country has basically done, you don’t get to call the shots. If you didn’t like the fact that you have to negotiate with the Taliban, maybe you could have been a better President and not undermined us at every turn. And not appointed so many corrupt cronies. And not… (You know, I really don’t have time to list everything…)

I can’t wait until we leave Afghanistan. This man is going to get a serious reality check. (Probably with the Taliban kicking in his front door…)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


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