2 F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Agents Die in Training Exercise at Sea

I’m saddened to report that our country lost two brave warriors yesterday.

Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, or HRT, died while fast roping in a training incident. Full story here: 2 F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Agents Die in Training Exercise at Sea.

My unit fast-roped a lot back in the 90s, so I plan to write a follow-up post that illustrates the dangers of fast roping.

But until then, make sure you check out the article. It explians the unit, the past service of the two brave men (who both had families), and some history of the unit.

Definitely required reading, in my opinion.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


4 thoughts on “2 F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Agents Die in Training Exercise at Sea

  1. Never fast roped, but I did SPIE rig one time. Scary stuff. What a tragedy to loose these agents in a training exercise, but you have to train. Prayers for them and their families. SF.


    • Great comment, Mike. We do need to remember their families in our prayers.

      And I never SPIE rigged, but I think that would be even scarier.

      BTW, Mike, why don’t you think about helping me with this blog? Throwing a guest post my way now and then? Think on it some and email me your thoughts. We could brainstorm some topics, if you’re interested. Thanks!


  2. SPIE rigged on Sardinia, back when I was still brave! And appreciate the offer, i will be in touch.


    • Oh, man, you spent time on Sardinia, too? Wow… I’ll bet if you made a checklist of every piece of ground you walked across or slept on, I’d probably be able to say I followed directly in your footsteps…

      The more things change, the more they… : )


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