An archive of posts about National Security from the past year

This is a list of articles regarding National Security from my other website.

The day’s news in a single post

New medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots cancelled

U.S. pulls last tanks out of Germany

Japan gets into America’s growing Cold War with China

The End of War Stories

New medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots over-rated

Talking with a Three-Star General

Latest frightening trend in Afghanistan

Believe it or not, Stan Mitchell changes his mind… Don’t cut the Marine Corps.

A huge day for the defense industry — DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE

A Veterans Day story worth reading

Do not fall for the spin. We should not get involved in Syria.

Here’s what happens when you tell the truth in the military…

What really happened in the attacks in Benghazi

Crazy military technology… The end of good war stories?

Robots are stronger, and now faster, than humans

Marines begin patrolling Guatemala to stop drug trafficking

What’s your first firefight like?

Why would Fox News out a Navy Seal?

Hollywood, war, and death

Full Speed Ahead? Not quite.

Could this be the dumbest leak investigation into secrets ever?

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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