An archive of posts about Afghanistan from the past year

This is a list of articles regarding Afghanistan from my other website.

Latest Amercian General believes Afghan Army will step up — For the record, I don’t

Your taxes helped corrupt Afghan President Hamid Karzai

Latest frightening trend in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Our next forgotten war? Let’s say ‘no.’ Loudly and forcefully.

How tough was your Monday?

Things are as bad (or possibly worse) than they’ve ever been in Afghanistan.

What’s your first firefight like?

We’re winning in Afghanistan, don’t lose hope!

Georgia Marine awarded Silver Star for heroic actions in Afghanistan

Is Afghanistan headed for civil war again?

Thanks, Pakistan. You guys are swell.

4 hostages rescued in Afghanistan, but is the situation worse?

Colin Powell’s big news… (not what you think)

Thinking of my unit, and so many others

Taliban stronger, instead of weaker?

Want to learn more about snipers on the battlefield?

Afghan mission, ahem, still on track…

The Afghan news just grew worse. Where’s the bottom?

Afghan mission “on track,” and even George Washington rolls his eyes

Are we sure we want to do this? Some tough questions about our national security.

Things will get more hairy, not less

Let’s get out of Afghanistan, like now

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


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